Denver HCG Weight Loss Results

H-C-G Weight Loss Results

People have long been troubled with their weight issues. Statistics tell us that 1 out 3 American adults are obese. Everyone desires to have that ‘beach body’ ready to hit the beach! The burden for keeping in shape is not only on women. Women and men alike are burdened with the fact that a slim and slender body is the acceptable to the society. There are already many ways to lose weight though. You can go on a diet, undergo exercise and weight training, take diet pills or even opt for procedures. A lot of people have turned to invasive procedures like liposuction. But the problem with liposuction is that it is really expensive and can be at times dangerous.You can now get that body with the use of H-C-G diet. A wellness clinic in Denver Colorado offers this H-C-G program. Many users have testified to H-C-G weight loss results.

The users of H-C-G diet has seen positive H-C-G weight loss results. H-C-G diet was developed in Rome, Italy by Dr. Simeons during the 1950s. He noticed that teenage boys with underdeveloped gonads lost weight when treated with H-C-G. These boys ate less because they loss appetite.

Dr. Simeon hypothesized that there are three types of fat. First is called structural fat. Structural fat is the kind of fat found buffering near certain organs and the skin. These types of fat act as protective layer against outside forces. The second type of fat is called normal fat. This type of fat, on the other hand, is where the body gets energy from when there is low calorie intake. The last type of fat is the abnormal fat. Love handles, pot bellies and belly flab are the perfect examples of abnormal fat. The last type of fat is what we aim to lose. H-C-G works against the abnormal fat. But it does not burn neither the normal fat or structural fat.

The H-C-G program is done through injection of H-C-G doses paired with a 500-calorie diet. A lot of H-C-G users rave about the positive H-C-G weight loss results. The H-C-G weight loss program has three phases. The first phase lasts for two days. During this phase, you are allowed to eat as much as you can. This is a preparation for the next phases. During the first phase you begin taking H-C-G drops. On the second phase, your diet will only be restricted to 500 calories. It is recommended to only eat fruits, vegetables and 3.5 oz of protein. The second phase is mainly restoring and restarting one’s metabolism. The second phase usually lasts for 23 to 40 days. The third phase is just maintenance. Enjoy a new way of life and your new body.

H-C-G weight loss results are really undeniable. Why be contented with your present body now when you can achieve that sexy slim body you’ve been wanting? A clinic located in Denver, Colorado is ready for this H-C-G Diet program. Lose weight now for a healthier future.

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