Denver HCG Diet Program: Explained

H-C-G Diet Program: Explained

We have been used to thinking that be called sexy and beautiful you need to have a good body. That has been etched in our minds by society. It has been inculcated in our minds that a sexy body is the ‘perfect image’. And that ‘perfect image’ does not include, flabby arms and legs, a big tummy, double chins, and cellulites. Due to technological advancements, losing weight is not hard anymore. You can undergo invasive procedures like liposuction. But these procedures at some point can threaten life. You cannot be sure of its safety, there are still ways of losing weight other than liposuction. A wellness clinic located in Denver, Colorado offers a diet program using H-C-G.

A lot of people do not know what the H-C-G Diet is all about. This article entitled ‘H-C-G Diet Program: Explained’ aims to briefly explain the ins and outs of the H-C-G Diet.

H-C-G Diet is a program initiated by Dr. Simeons. He developed the said program during the mid-1950s. Dr. Simeon futher details that there are three kinds of fats. The first type of fat, structural fat, is the kind that is located between the skin and organs. This type of fat serves as a protection of the body. Examples of this fat is those located at the soles of the feet. The second type of fat is normal fat. When there is low calorie intake, this is where the body would get its energy. Lastly is the abnormal fat. This type of fat is the type of fat you want to remove.

The H-C-G Diet Program Explained

H-C-G only acts upon the abnormal fat. It burns the fat and in turn leaves lean muscles.
H-C-G, also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is the hormone produced by the body when a woman is pregnant. This hormone’s main function is to regulate the metabolism of the expecting mother. An increase in metabolic rate may be equated to faster weight loss.
H-C-G diet is done throught H-C-G drops paired with a 500-calorie diet.

The Phases of the H-C-G Diet Program, Explained

There are three phases to this program. The first phase of the H-C-G diet may be dubbed as the ‘calorie loading’. During this two-day phase, you are advised to eat a lot to load up on fat reserves. This will serve as a preparation for the succeeding phases. You will begin taking H-C-G Drops as early as the first phase. On the second phase, your calorie intake will be limited to 500 calories per day. You are only allowed to eat fruits, vegetables and a bit of protein. This diet has been said to restart and reset one’s metabolism. During this phase, you can expect to shed a lot of pounds. As experienced by the users, the second phase is usually the grueling part of the program. Fortunately, it only lasts around 23 to 40 days.The third phase basically is the ‘maintenance phase’. Since you have already lost pounds, you will have to maintain it through a healthy lifestyle.

‘H-C-G Diet Program: Explained’ is merely a guide to the basic principles of the H-C-G Diet. If you really want to lose weight through H-C-G Diet, a wellness clinic in Denver, Colorado offers this program just for you.

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