HCG Diet 101: Your personal guide to fitness

H-C-G Diet 101: Your personal guide to fitness

Weight problems have long been a pressing issue for a lot of people. In fact, a lot of people enage in different weight loss activities to lose weight. Many spend thousands of dollars on pills and exercise programs yet still fail. Others turn to invasive procedures such as liposuction. Other than liposuction, there are still other ways to lose weight.A wellness clinic located in Denver, Colorado offers a safe way to lose weight. It offers the H-C-G Diet Program. This article be your guide to the ins and outs of H-C-G Diet; H-C-G Diet 101.

H-C-G Diet was developed in Rome, Italy by Dr. Simeon. In 1930, He was treating boys with underdeveloped gonads with H-C-G, when he noticed that these boys lost appetite and lost weight. After the observation, he spent the next twenty years of his life on this and finally developed the H-C-G Diet mid-1950s.

Since this article is H-C-G Diet 101, let us talk about the types of fats. Dr. Simeon said that there are three types namely abnormal fat, normal fat and structural fat. It is the type of fat that gives form and shape to the body. It acts acts like a cushion and protects the body from outside forces. Normal fat, on the other hand, is the body’s energy source. In case of low calorie intake, the body would get energy from the normal fat. The last type of fat is called the abnormal fat. This type of fat is the kind you aim to lose during weight loss programs. It works against abnormal fat. But researches have shown it does not have any effect on the first two types.

Dr. Simeons found in his studies that H-C-G intake and a low calorie diet will lead to weight loss. A kind of weight loss, in which, only the abnormal fat are burned. In turn, only lean muscles are left. After his findings, Dr. Simeons wrote a book on this entitled ‘Pounds and Inches’.

Now you may ask, what is H-C-G? H-C-G (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is the hormone produced when a women is pregnant. The main function of H-C-G is to regulate the mother’s metabolism. An increase in metabolic rate will result to faster weight loss.

As part of the H-C-G Diet 101 guide, this article will divulge on the steps of the H-C-G Diet. There are three phases in H-C-G diet. The first phase can be dubbed as the‘loading’ stage. Your primary aim is to load up on food as a preparation for the succeeding phases. The second phase lasts around 23-40 days. During these days, you’re daily calorie intake is limited to 500 calories of vegetables, fruits and a bit of protein. This phase is said to restart and reset your metabolism. Expect to lose a lot of pounds during this phase. The third and last phase is all about the maintenance of your healthy lifestyle. Go on a permanent diet regimen and engage in workouts.

This H-C-G Diet 101 article aims to give a brief guide on the H-C-G Diet program. But if you want to know more, wellness clinicc in Denver, Colorado can answer your questions. Start chaging your life today – start with the H-C-G Diet.

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