Why You Need To Go To a Denver Optifast Clinic

Why You Need To Go To a Denver Optifast Clinic

Weight loss is often seen as a tough journey. People have to constantly work on a very high level just to take down that excess weight. And some are not just willing to put in the work. There are others willing to foot the bill just in order to lose that weight. And that has resulted into forming all kinds of machines, diet programs, drugs, and surgical procedures, all designed to get that excess weight off. But with so many products out there, what products can you exactly trust? If you are from Denver and suffering from excess weight issues, you may want to visit a Denver Optifast clinic.

Of course, you may be skeptical about this Optifast stuff. And of course, no one would blame you for that. With so many products out there and some of these products turning out to be busts to say the least, it’s natural to be very skeptical at just about any method or medication coming out that tells it’s the perfect way to weight loss. But there’s something very different about the Optifast system. And consulting a Denver Optifast clinic will prepare you better for it and explain the program to you in better detail.

Just for a preview, this next paragraph would discuss what the Optifast program looks like. This system is likened to a journey: a system consisting of different steps and phases. All in all, you can complete all these steps in an average of 26 weeks or exactly half a year. There are 3 phases in the Optifast program.

Active Weight Loss Phase- A phase that lasts an average of 12 weeks, this is a stage where you’ll eat an Optifast designed full meal replacement diet. Every week, you are to be monitored medically, and you are also required to attend weekly sessions with a dietician and/or an exercise specialist and/or behaviorist.
Transition Phase- A phase that lasts an average of 6 weeks, you will transition to eating a regular diet once more while still attending the same weekly sessions.

Long-term Weight Management Phase- This phase is an ongoing process to keep the results you have achieved. Occasionally, you’ll be using Optifast supplements and meal replacements.

Because such a system is labor intensive, it is important that you make regular consultations in a Denver Optifast clinic as you undergo this treatment. As you have probably just read, you are required to undergo checkups before and during the treatment phase to ensure the treatment is working without any adverse effects. Another reason why you have to visit these clinics is because Optifast products are exclusively distributed by these clinics. There’s no retail store that holds these products. This is to ensure the full protection of the patient.

Optifast is a compelling choice for a weight loss treatment because it is both holistic and comprehensive in approach. If you want to try this new system, you should check in now to your nearest Denver Optifast clinic. They can tell you more about this system and they would also be the ones to guide your progress once you’re using it.

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