Denver Medical Weight Loss Programs: For a better you!

Denver Medical Weight Loss Programs: For a better you!

Our society tells us that being obese is a bad thing. Society has instilled in us that beauty can almost be equated to a slim, slender body. Both men and women alike care so much for their self image and body.

A lot of people spend a lot of money on procedures like liposuction. But procedures like these cannot guarantee permanent weight loss. After a few years, you may gain the weight back again. Aside from that, you cannot be sure of the safety and effectiveness of liposuction and like procedures. Do not put your life in danger in undergoing invasive procedures. Engage now in Denver Medical Weight Loss Programs.

A wellness clinic located in Denver, Colorado offers various Medical Weight Loss Programs. The clinic offers several weight loss programs like H-C-G Diet, OPTIFAST, Phentermine weight loss program and Lean Injections.

One of the programs in the Denver Medical Weight Loss Programs is the H-C-G Diet. It was developed several decades ago by Dr. Simeons in Italy. H-C-G (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a hormone produced by the body when a woman is pregnant. Dr. Simeons discovered the benefits of H-C-G while treating boys with underdeveloped gonads with H-C-G. He observed that the boys lost weight while on the treatment due to loss of appetite. Dr. Simeons also hypothesized that there are three types of fats. They are normal fat, abnormal fat and structural fat. Abnormal fat is the kind of fat you aim to get rid of. The perfect examples for this fat are pot bellies, love handles and excess fat on the arms and legs. H-C-G, when taken, will boost the body’s metabolism and burn fats. It will only burn abnormal fats but will not have effects on structural fat and normal reserve fat.

Another program of the Denver Medical Weight Loss Programs is The OPTIFAST. This program, on the other hand, initiates weight loss through meal replacements. Along with the meal replacements, OPTIFAST weight loss program includes medical monitoring. There are a lot of good reviews and testimonials about the OPTIFAST weight loss program.

Phentermine, on the other hand, is a stimulant that triggers the central nervous system. It suppresses appetite and boosts the metabolism. It is also able to increase one’s energy levels for added ability to exercise and workout.

The Phentermine is the most common prescribed drug for weight loss. About 50% of weight loss prescriptions include Phentermine. The drug phentermine is for short-term use only. Long exposure to phentermine may cause mild to severe side effects.

Lastly, lean injections are packed with vitamins and amino acids. These vitamins and amino acids act upon the body to help it burn fats. It also detoxifies and cleanses the body of toxins and free radicals that usually cause aging. Some of the vitamins and amino acids it contains are leucine, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Chromium, Vitamin B complex, Inosotol and L-Carnitine. Lean Injections are not only for weight loss but it improve the totality of one’s health.

The Denver Medical Weight Loss Programs are simply promising. They not only initiate weight loss, they also lead to a better and healthier life. What are you waiting for? Go to Denver , Colorado now for these amazing weight loss programs.

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