OPTIFAST is the serious solution for weight loss. The OPTIFAST Program works because it focuses on you – the whole person – not just your weight. Not only will you enjoy the benefits of advanced nutrition, you will also receive the support, education, and counseling you need to overcome the challenges you will face as you melt away the pounds. This revolutionary new approach helps you lose weight fast and keep it off.

Obesity is one of the most prevalent and serious conditions in the United States today. Doctors use the term ‘body mass index,’ or BMI, to describe a person’s height to weight ratio; they say a person is obese if his BMI is 30 or greater. Today, more than 37 percent of people in the United States now qualify as obese. This comprehensive OPTIFAST Diet Program is right for you if your body mass index, or BMI, is 30 or higher.

Benefits of OPTIFAST

If you are like most people using OPTIFAST, you could expect to lose more than 50 lbs in as little as 18 to 24 weeks. This diet system provides long lasting results too – about 40 percent of OPTIFAST users maintained more than half of their weight loss two years after completing the diet system. Follow-up studies after five years show that nearly half of all OPTIFAST users kept enough weight off to improve their long-term health, even after they stopped using OPTIFAST.

How Does the OPTIFAST Diet Program Work?

There are three phases in the OPTIFAST Diet Program:

  • Active Weight Loss Phase
  • Transition Phase
  • Long-term Weight Management Phase

During the Active Weight Loss Phase, you will use the OPTIFAST full meal replacement diet and weekly medical monitoring. You will also attend weekly group or individual counseling session led by a behaviorist, registered dietitian and/or exercise specialist. This phase lasts 12 weeks.

Next, you will spend six weeks in the Transition Phase, when you will slowly transition to regular food. Weekly group sessions provide continuing support as you implement the principles of the OPTIFAST Diet program into your everyday life. The Long-term Weight Management Phase begins as the Transition Phase ends and continues as long as you need it. This final phase usually includes ongoing support coupled with partial OPTIFAST meal replacements to provide weight loss results that last.

During each of the three phases, you will receive:

  • Meal replacement diet
  • Medical supervision
  • Lifestyle education
  • Counseling
  • Ongoing personalized support

Meal Replacement Diet

OPTIFAST’s meal replacement diet narrows your food choices to help you work towards weight loss. This innovative system helps you learn how to control the types and the amounts of food that you eat.

OPTIFAST 800® Ready to Drink shakes and OPTIFAST 800® Shake Mixes are available in three delicious flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. The hot and hearty OPTIFAST 800® Soup Mixes come in Garden Tomato and Creamy Chicken flavors. OPTIFAST 800® Bars are delicious, nutritious snacks available in three flavors: peanut butter chocolate, berry with yogurt coating and chocolate.

The OPTIFAST Program is especially helpful when combined with weight loss surgery. The OPTIFAST HP® Shake Mix is ideal if you have just had bariatric surgery or if you plan to have this weight loss procedure in the near future. OPTISOURCE® Chewable Vitamin and Mineral Supplement helps you get enough vitamins and minerals after weight loss surgery, which can negatively affect how well your body absorbs these essential nutrients.

OPTISOURCE® High Protein Drink provides protein to help you maintain muscle mass after bariatric surgery. You can add muscle-building BENEPROTEIN® Instant Protein Powder to many of your favorite foods and drinks without affecting their flavor. Mix NUTRISOURCE® FIBER into food and beverages without changing taste or consistency.

Medical Supervision

OPTIFAST is a medically supervised treatment plan. Specially trained physicians help you lose weight quickly and safely.

Lifestyle Education

Certain lifestyle choices promote weight gain and poor health. The OPTIFAST Diet system helps you achieve and maintain a healthier weight through nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes. You will discover how sleep patterns affect your weight, develop exercise plans burn calories and build muscles, and explore other lifestyle choices that affect your weight, such as eating at restaurants and fast food establishments.


The OPTIFAST Diet System provide group and individual counseling lead by weight loss experts who understand the unique challenges you face on your journey towards a healthy weight. These specialists can suggest a variety of solutions to these challenges and provide general support.

Ongoing Personalized Support

The weight loss experts at OPTIFAST are there to support you while you lose weight and after you reach your goal. This ongoing personalized support helps you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Studies show that people who continue weight maintenance programs like OPTIFAST have a better chance of keeping weight off than do those who choose to “go it alone.”

OPTIFAST is a proud sponsor of Treat Obesity Seriously, a project launched by the leading scientific society dedicated to the study of obesity, The Obesity Society. Only trained healthcare professionals can prescribe the OPTIFAST weight loss program.

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